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5 Easy Ways for Quick Recovery from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The best way to recover from wisdom teeth surgery is to follow your Dental surgeon’s instructions completely. Not following the Dental surgeon’s orders can result in a painful recovery, including getting a dry socket. But apart from the regular measures to

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What are Dentifrices & how are they used now?

Dentifrice might not be a popularly used word these days although in French, Dentifrice is the word for toothpaste. Dentifrices are usually any kind of agents that are used to clean the mouth and get rid of the plaque. These agents

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How to Remove Stains or Discoloration on Teeth

There is a natural tendency for some types of teeth to get discolored or sometimes, the food we eat or our oral habits can cause stains on the teeth. The kind of stain or discoloration can be of different types.

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Best Solution for Long Teeth or Receding Gums

You might have never thought about the length of your teeth unless you or someone you know has an abnormality in it. Every teeth has it’s set proportions in terms of length & width. When this proportion is a little

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Easy Way to Fix Yellow Teeth or Chipped Tooth

Discolored teeth can be treated but the process is temporary and might require proper care. Similarly, chipped tooth cannot be extracted & replaced. So what is a good solution in such situations? Answer:Veneers How do you know if you need

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Post Operative Care for Composite Fillings

Lodged a tooth-colored filling recently? Please find below the post operative instructions for Composite Fillings. Composite fillings sets up hard right away. There is no waiting time to eat. Avoid chewing excessively hard food substances on the filled teeth (hard

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