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The Best way to Restoring a Decayed Baby Tooth

Children are definitely more prone to cavities and thus, finding decays and caries on their baby tooth is quite natural. But the question arises when you are not sure how to treat such baby teeth as they are eventually meant to

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3 Important Reasons for Children to Visit the Dentist Regularly

It is popularly known that children are more prone to cavities and dental injuries than adults. This in turn means that they need extra Dental Care to make sure they have a healthy oral system. Although parents take their children to

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Why do toddlers put everything into their mouth?

Watching the baby grow through it’s babyhood is a wonderful experience but have you wondered why kids put everything they get hold of into their mouth? Is it because they know it is dirty or unsafe and taunt you by

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Whom to Consult for a Kid with Cleft Lip?

A Cleft lip is an congenital condition that develops during the early stages of pregnancy. This happens when there is not enough tissue during the formation of the lips and it can become a oral/facial malformation with a split on

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Points to Remember while Caring for Baby Teeth

It is always the smallest of things that can cause the biggest happiness. The joy for parents must know no bounds when the baby shows any signs of development. Typically, babies start teething between 6 months, sometimes even as early

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