The Less-Known Facts of Menopause and Oral Problems in Women

If you did not already know this or never thought about this, then this article is a must read. Just like Puberty, Menstruation and pregnancy, menopause also causes hormonal shifts that affects the oral health.

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Does Teeth Extraction for the Elderly cause Discomfort?

Older people do tend to have more complications associated with tooth removal and extraction. This is one of the major arguments by the proponents of wisdom tooth removal as a preventive measure when there are no symptoms of wisdom tooth

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When do we need a Root Canal Treatment?

Are you suffering from mild to sever pain in your teeth? Are they very sensitive and eating/drinking has become a chore? These could be because of various reasons, but one possibility is an affected root canal. The root canal treatment

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The Best way to Restoring a Decayed Baby Tooth

Children are definitely more prone to cavities and thus, finding decays and caries on their baby tooth is quite natural. But the question arises when you are not sure how to treat such baby teeth as they are eventually meant to

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How does Laughing benefit your health?

Smile as we know it, is the first feature people notice and creates a striking difference in the way people perceive each other. If we were to move a step ahead and talk about how a smile could become a

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3 Important Reasons for Children to Visit the Dentist Regularly

It is popularly known that children are more prone to cavities and dental injuries than adults. This in turn means that they need extra Dental Care to make sure they have a healthy oral system. Although parents take their children to

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