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Importance of cloves for teeth

Do you know the Importance of cloves for teeth? We all have our grandmother’s remedies for small health problems like a headache, toothache or stomach ache. There are some remedies that are common for different households throughout the nation. One

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Embracing Your Braces – Know the Facts

In today’s world Braces are very commonly taken up as a cosmetic tool to aid in giving a perfect set of teeth. We see children of all ages wearing braces and flaunting it. Braces are not only restricted to children

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Here is the Logic behind Brushing before and after Sleep

Brushing the teeth is the most important cleaning up activity that we are advised to do twice a day. But why has it become a practice to base the brushing habit based on our sleep patterns? Is there a science

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Does Teeth Extraction for the Elderly cause Discomfort?

Older people do tend to have more complications associated with tooth removal and extraction. This is one of the major arguments by the proponents of wisdom tooth removal as a preventive measure when there are no symptoms of wisdom tooth

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The Best way to Restoring a Decayed Baby Tooth

Children are definitely more prone to cavities and thus, finding decays and caries on their baby tooth is quite natural. But the question arises when you are not sure how to treat such baby teeth as they are eventually meant to

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3 Important Reasons for Children to Visit the Dentist Regularly

It is popularly known that children are more prone to cavities and dental injuries than adults. This in turn means that they need extra Dental Care to make sure they have a healthy oral system. Although parents take their children to

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